Our Vision

Uniting African Countries, by creating a network of future leaders under one common goal and thought “Unity” by providing opportunities and changing Political and economic mind approach of the African people, the Young Leaders Congress is calling for help and assistance from all those capable to help us change and improve the life of the ones in need.

Causes that need your
urgent attention

Below find some causes which needs immediate attention, please pick a cause of your choice and donate to the best of your abilities and let change and support their lives and education in the hope to provide them with a better future.

Upcoming events

    Bulaya orphanage Need Your Support.

    The Young Leaders Congress had visited their premises from dormitories, to clinic, class rooms and farming facilities. Noticing that a lot is to be done and build in order for this orphanage to be at full capacity and standard to equip this future generation adequately..

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    beautiful thing in this world

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